WamBam's customer service has been excellent throughout! This resulted in horizontal hail projectories that covered the ground. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for WamBam Fence SB61000 Surface Fence Mount, White at Amazon.com. The install took me about two or three weeks to do between work and taking my time. I have had MANY neighbors commenting on how much they like the fence and asking questions about it. My Nervous Nelly Fence went in easily and looks beautiful. The fence is very versatile, and I was able to figure out how to make it work to solve the problem areas I ran into. They are sending me a Top Rail for just the cost of shipping. The install took a long weekend. They are with you every step of the way. There is a learning curve....but this is the only fence I would ever go with again for installation. Oh, and the customer service is fantastic! We have had many high wind storms with gusts up to 70mph and not a single picket has bent or flown off. I put the panel together - slid the slot at the bottom of the bracket onto the top of the panel and drove the screws in - perfect. I was able to do it myself. Time will tell on the gates. The gate is self closing. I also called the company for additional advice a couple times and received great service. After some emails back and forth i ended up ordering about 150 feet of the slim-jim fence. Read page 1 of our customer reviews for more information on the WamBam Fence No-Dig Permanent 4 ft. x 6 ft. Nantucket Vinyl Picket Fence Panel with Post and Anchor Kit BL19101 The easiest fence I ever put up. Shawn was great to work with. Next came the wind test. I honestly could not be happier that I did give it a chance. We just received our replacement parts for our damaged fence, which arrived so quickly we couldn't believe it. I would recommend wam bam fence to anyone thinking about putting up fencing! This is our 2nd WamBam Fence in the last 2 years. WamBam solved both of those problems. We are very happy with it; we love the look of it, the ease of installing it, and the simplicity of maintaining it. Excellent customer service! What a terrific fence system. This product has Excelent,is of very goog quality at a good price. That said, does anyone have any experience with the stuff? In fact, driving the posts went from being the most time-consuming part of the fence construction to the least. I had a few questions regarding a few idiosyncrasies with my project, and received an amazing level of customer service. So easy install. This fence is simply amazing... so is the customer service. The ordering process was very easy and the employees at Wam Bam are great. It made the entrance to my driveway to look like a picture you would find in a home improvement magazine. My fence was purchased over five years ago and looks like the day I installed it. Call WamBam to borrow their pneumatic post whomper instead of using a manual one. The steady Freddy was about 170 feet long, it took one full day for me to drive all the poles by myself and one full day for install with my brother. This was much easier except for removal of the metal posts. The neighbors all love it and were surprised it went up so quickly. The Wam Bam staff was great at helping us with suggestions though and it wasn't hard to fix our little mistakes. I just wanted to write a review of the Jimmy Picket DIY fence that I installed over the past week. Very easy to install and customize. Gate was much easier to install than expected. Next day, had the concept down and went to town, got 12 complete sections done! Thank you again for everything! We have no ambivalence that the fence will keep our pets within the confines of the fence safe. The fencing arrived in a couple of days and my husband was able to install the fence in about 30 hours with the help of his friend. Our neighbor's vinyl fence (some other brand) is about the same age as ours and is already sagging, and it has rust stains from cheap hardware. The fence is ascetically pleasing, all my neighbors say so, and is strong enough to keep in large dogs. It’s durable, sturdy and looks fantastic. Read customer reviews and common Questions and Answers for WamBamTraditionalFence Part #: VF13003 on this page. After installing this fence, I won't be going back! Thanks, Aaron!!! A very classy and upscale look to what is normally a smooth 4 sided white white vinyl fence that blends in with the crowd. My husband and I first saw the Wam Bam fencing system on the DIY network on one of those home improvement shows which we love to watch. They suggest an 8” gate wheel. I got several estimates to have normal hole dug and concrete poured vinyl fencing put in, but the prices ranged from $4700-$6700. I ran across the WamBam website while I was searching online for vinyl fencing. The only issue I had during the whole process was the gate wheel. We swooped our fence, and even with that extra work installation was a breeze. We are so impressed with the install process and very happy with the outcome! Saved a lot of headaches. We had over 400ft of Steady Freddy installed, it took about a week but looks amazing! We used a manual pole pounder for the entire project, and saved a ton of money. The vinyl prices ranged from $22,000 to $35,000 installed. We used a post level device vs. a level when pounding the pipe anchors into the ground. Our dogs can finally run free! I was amazed! Use a level to try and get them upright. My fence has been up for Two Years In four Season Climate and still looks brand new!!!! Be sure to have extra drill bits or sharpen them periodically. Ear plugs recommended. You can put a spacer on the gate and install the gate wheel on it but for that size wheel it would have to be 5” wide. My only question is "Do you need a sales rep in the Pittsburgh area"? ONE weekend after we completed the fence HURRICANE SANDY hit! After installing the fence, I am confident we made the right choice. The fence was installed over the weekend and looks beautiful. I've put up fence my whole life on the farm, barb wire, welded wire, wooden, panel, etc, etc. Here is a short product demo outlining the features and benefits of WamBam's Steady Freddy Vinyl Privacy Fence. My hat is off to the people of WamBam fencing. The customer service is awesome! The ones that were a little off, were easily fixed with the leveling donut. If you're still digging holes to put in your posts, you're doing it wrong. Wambam and Fezan have been amazing to work with and trust, this was a big design nightmare and struggle but after talking with Fezan several times, thinking he is going to get tired of me real soon , he was able to guide me in the right direction, my wife had something to do with a lot of the talk, she had new ideas (of course she did). Oh better tell you this job was 276 ft. of fencing with 2 single gates and 1 double gate. We went back and forth a few times before we finalized everything and her suggestions we very helpful. The product was delivered without issue. x 4-1/2 in. Not too bad for my first ever fence install. Best recommendation ever. Wow, super thrilled when I discovered online and seen no digging, no cement required for fence installation and was instantly sold on WamBam. The fence looks beautiful, substantial, and regal, with the caps and gates adding a sophisticated flair that all my neighbors have commented on. One bump was the gas pounder. Two thumbs up!!! It took me a long time to complete and was a lot of digging. Now, our location was not ideal for fencing, what I mean is very little flat or level areas. I would definitely use the product again and have already recommended it to friends! Choosing to go with them saved me close to $5K and I've got an amazing looking fence as well. I measured a lot of difference fence rails and the length variation was too small to detect with a tape measure, which is really good. It took two men. I like things perfect. You get one chance at each post, if it is not straight you might have to cement the post. But we ordered directly from WamBam. This fence was installed using 4x4 wooden posts in concreted holes. This fence is beautiful! Highly recommend the auto pounder, saved me a lot of time and muscle pain. It really is a fun system. Not knowing anything about small engines, I had to go to a manual pounder. What a difference it made. Best Fence Ever!!! Not only does it add to the overall value of our property but it also protects my growing garden from unwanted visitors. Great design with the adjustable donuts. Any issues, they will resolve it. The Registered Agent on file for this company is Prins, Stephen and is located at 10616 Bailey Road, Unit H, Cornelius, NC 28031. Bought 11 sections and followed the simple instructions included. Perfect for our puppy and adds a nice feel to our yard without shutting our neighbors out. I am very happy with my fence. Thanks a bunch.... Found Wam Bam from doing some research for a quality vinyl fence to surround a patio. Once again lots of complements. The completed fence looks very nice and compliments our house. Needless to say, the installation was MUCH easier than building a wood fence and the finished product looks top notch. Need a vinyl fence? My fears about driving the anchors proved to be nothing. It even has a sticker on, that we found later. The clearance under the fence in relation to the ground is minimal which will prohibit the chances of the dogs digging or squeezing underneath the fence and getting out. Kudos to WamBam for making a great products. -Casual and friendly work environment -No real dress code, wear what you're comfortable in! But, the project is not complicated, and well explained in the instructions (reading them is imperative). I measured up from the bottom of the existing post to the bottom of the existing rail, placed the bottom of the bracket at that mark and centered it - two screws later it was installed. Our friend put in a wood fence last year and in less than a year a wind from a storm pushed it over about a foot. We knew we could save a lot of money doing it ourselves but thought there would be NO way this fence could stand up to the winters we get here in Ohio. Thank you WamBam fence! It is just not my opinion but the opinion of the many folks in my small town who stopped by and commented. I found that the PVC material is of superior quality and design of the panels and especially posts are simply extraordinary. I would see that this fence has a pretty nice look once it’s installed. I am not a professional but very handy, and the fence was very easy and stright forward to install. Contact WamBam Fence. Just ordered a second larger project. I had three gates in my fence, so I had to use a lot of them. I was able to remove each post with minimum effort by myself in 10-15 minutes. Then everything else will fit nicely. We are extremely happy with our vinyl fence. Great company to work with! Easily modified. We are very happy with the outcome ... looks great.Thanks for all your help ... the fence looks great! We had four people and it took 1.5 hours mainly due to the fence product being put all the way inside the truck vs. at the door end. (especially Denise :) ). I could't imagine why anyone would want to do it another way.... A great product at a great price!..I did my homework too! We managed to do the install in four days and still have our marriage intact lol. We installed it earlier this spring. Anyone with basic skills could assembly this. I installed all 14 caps in under 10 minutes, Great Product. If I have any future fencing needs I will definitely be WamBam'ing! Two nights ago we had a severe thunderstorm with high winds. If you are a DIYer, you'll have a blast with the installation too. No maintenance. If you are interested in the final product i have submitted additional photos to the 2017 Photo Contest. The product was easy to work with and looks fantastic. When I called Linda she sent that piece right out to me.Talk about great service.Now to the product.Top quality,easy and fun to install as described.Great on line instructions.You guys are the best.Keep up the great work.I will enter your I want to win contest with pics soon.Thanks again. They even sent me a picture of my order before it left the warehouse! We just finished installing my new fence. It cost $200 to rent but it was worth it. Bill and I try to buy the best we can afford and we know we made the right choice with this fencing system. Had mine for over a year and a half and it's been perfect. Again, demonstrates how awesome and robust this product is! I got the big bertha driver - not the mechanical one that can be rented. I amazed myself. We know it looks professionally installed, attractive and sturdy. A new unsightly neighbor moved in behind us and with our very shallow back yard, we knew something had to be done. After installation of the panels and posts, we placed U-channels in combination with J-channels on the top of the rail of each panel thus covering existing holes. We did the fence with a Captain America post caps - absolutely stunning and stately. (Note the painting back in the day could be done for a home cooked Just want to thank you and the rest of the staff for all your help. Read customer reviews and common Questions and Answers for WamBamTraditionalFence Part #: VF13003 on this page. I love this fence and gate! I have to complete my installation but I am sure I will be recommending you product to everyone in my construction circles. No cement and no huge equipment. Also, I used a couple of tubes of superglue to glue the gate pickets in the gate at bottom and top. 5.0 out of 5 stars This is a great fence. Thank you, Dave, for an amazing review of our Plain Jane Vinyl Fence. This fence is more forgiving on a sloppy ground. I already have one sale pending!!!! Because I would have rated it a 100!! I recently installed about 220 feet of the WamBam Steady Freddy Tan fencing. The post tamper is a must and made installing the posts easy. My husband and I installed about 95 feet over about 3 days (we only worked a few hours each day). i had three hundred and sixty feet run that I took down, old cider post and rail and installed Wambam post and rail. The glue wasn't visible and made the gate much more rigid. I installed fencing for over 2 years the old dig a hole, mix concrete, set post, and back fill way. We're so in love with our fence! So, I watched all the videos, read as much info I could, to make sure I wanted to try this on a job that would have my name on it!! The reviews look solid, installation looks easy (though different than what I'm used to seeing), and I have a sample panel coming in the mail. I filled the holes left after removing the posts and packed the dirt down well especially those that will be adjacent to the new Wambam pipe anchors that are pounded in the ground. Thanks WamBam! I live in North Dakota where it's always windy. And the staff at Wam Bam is phenomenal. Oh, and for those wondering, the pickets are spaced 2.9" apart and she cannot get through them. wide and is designed to span a 50 in. Nice fence but wish we had gone with the better quality fence, Reviewed in the United States on July 12, 2020. Looking back, I wish I would have waited for them to send a replacement. This fence was a lot easier to install than I expected. If not for that, I would still be pounding post in the ground as we had around 37 post to install. Thanks! That would have been the hardest part, driving those anchors in by hand. I looked into vinyl fencing and a fencing company quoted me around $10,000. Neighbors are very happy. WamBam Fence’s panels and posts are designed for easy of assembly and a forgiving install, so even a basic do-it-yourself homeowner can install a great-looking fence with relative ease. The installation was professional in appearance. I reached out to Stephen of WamBam. I am happy to say I was able to do the whole project in less than a month even with errors and a few hiccups from some of the product. As a first time user of the WamBam fence I was skeptical of the structural stability of the these fences. I will definitely be using this product moving forward into the spring!! These were well done and very helpful plus the printed instructions were very descriptive. Like said though. It looks as good as new. It will be WamBam again! We only needed to install 6 panels, but still managed to make a few mistakes that we had to correct (like attaching the top bar up-side-down). I started to search the internet. Had a few troubles getting the automatic pounder to work properly but overall great experience. Because you can sign me up right now. The instructions and such were a little overwhelming but that's how information can be when you don't have to relate it to anything. This was probably the hardest part but still definately doable. I followed the instructions and was pleasantly surprised to find that all the fence segments went up perfectly. x 5 in. No one has had anything but compliments on the project. I would recommend it to friends and family. The materials are clearly superior, instructions were spot on, and the tolerances for fitting everything together were just incredible. Needed replacement pickets and this was the best deal. Prior to moving to Colorado two years ago, we installed 105 feet of solid-panel WamBam Fence at our home in Wisconsin. The trickiest thing to build and install was the 6' gate. It's been through 40+ mph winds, and is handling our cold winter nicely. I had to get a little creative in a few spots. The old wooden one had seen better days. We are open Monday - Friday from 8:30 to 5:00pm EST. I really don't have any complaints with the fencing, the installation or the people we worked with. I have reffered friends and neighbors to WamBam and would not think twice about doing it agian. WamBam Fence 4-1/2 in. They are super easy and nice to work with. No issues. Jim. We have received numerous positive comments from neighbors. This company and their employees are ALL first rate. The look and design adds elegance to any house. We needed a fence to contain my active 5 year old and our dog. The fence was put up in short order by my Husband, myself and the kids! Great product. The support from WamBam was great. My dirt is clay and wet this time of year and nice and level. I had never built a fence before but the instructions on line were great and the materials were easy to work with. Jason was great to work with and delivered the exact parts we needed for a complete job. Great company who truly knows what customer service is! The installation procedures were very easy to follow. Customer support is second to none, and they are committed to ensuring you are happy and are successful. I also highly recommend the power hammer to install the steel pipes. Compare. Once the gate was assembled, the rest of the install was pretty easy. Forget renting augers, digging up your yard and pouring concrete. I also misplaced a set of screws twice, somehow, and Wambam sent me new ones (twice) at no charge. The fence was fairly simple to install and I did most of it myself. Production QC Needs Improvement. Compare. Friends commented on how "natural" the fence looks, not at all like a post fence that was just installed with bare patches and torn up grass. I need to replace 3 fence panels and posts and i can't find any contractor, i am guessing because it is a small job. I'm so excited about my new Wam Bam fence. Even with the outrageous wind storms of Idaho. The open office - we can see everyone from where we sit. There are a lot of vinyl fences in my neighborhood, but none of the other fences, or the gates, look nearly as nice as my Wambam Peeping Tom. We went for a sloped look so assembly seemed to be easier because instead of leveling each section, it just had to be the same distance from the ground and pass the eye test. Just 20 miles from Canada, the Winters can get pretty rough up here - 60 mph winds and 30 degrees below zero are common. We will for many years look at our Wam Bam fence and admire it's beautiful aesthetic appearance as an addition to our lake home. Request Quotes. I would highly recommend renting the pole driver, esp for the price Wham Bam rents it for a week, and the fence will be a breeze. Grass is spreading and should cover all of the soil by the end on the month. When you buy a WamBam Traditional Fence 4 ft. H x 7 ft. W Traditional Classic Fence Panel online from Wayfair, we make it as easy as possible for you to find out when your product will be delivered. Really happy with this product and the way it turned out. The instructions were good, It took about 1 hour to assemble and install and requires basic carpentry skills. Buy from Wam Bam Fence Company. During business hours and sometimes beyond, we're online. Normally it would be a very easy install but if you have any rocks at all it will be very difficult to hammer your metal beams into the ground. It was a huge project and I am willing to bet it is the largest fence ever done to enclose a residential backyard ordered from Wam Bam Fence Company. A couple pieces were damaged in shipment, Reviewed in the United States on June 22, 2017. My dog can't wait to be free in the yard; me too!! I recently replaced a section that was damaged by a snowplow throwing heavy snow from the street and it looks like the section beside it that is five years old! However, I have small dogs that could have squeezed thru spindles, which I did not consider when purchasing. I would recommend WamBam to all my friends. This is the easiest fencing ever. While that was VERY time consuming, i was in no rush and took my time and LOVE the finished product. WamBam's guide tells you how to deal with slightly crooked ones so nobody can tell you weren't perfect. Great Fence! We layed the fence out so none of the new post had to be installed where old posts were removed. All 9000lbs of material showed up a couple weeks later and I was off to the races. At first I thought it wasn't any easier to install than actually digging out the holes, then I had to dig out a couple holes because I hit rocks <24" down. The gas pounder (Rocky) was one of the sweetest tools I ever used and I'm a retired mechanic. Out of the 21 posts I had to cement 4 because of a giant bolder in my yard but all the rest went in like a hot knife thru butter. We purchased 300 feet of the Even Steven fence with two 8ft gates and a four ft. We also added a forth row because we have a large dog to keep in. This is a wonderful product! Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. I found Wam Bam Fence Company on-line. x 48 in. Once the 1st side was complete I had the confidence to put up the rest of the fence and I did. Jason work with me to ensure I ordered enough product to cover 500 linear feet of property with 2 gates and he helped me understand how everything worked. Also rent the pounder, it's amazing how quickly your fence comes together. The customer service at this company is hands down the best I have come across and Linda was a huge help. If I can offer one word of advice, get the gas pounder for your posts as it's money very well spent. Everyone LOVES this fence. After a lot of research on the internet, decided to try Wam Bam's Handy Andy Aluminum Fence. When you buy a WamBam Traditional Fence 4 ft. H x 7 ft. W Traditional Classic Fence Panel online from Wayfair, we make it as easy as possible for you to find out when your product will be delivered. I don't believe this fence will ever sag or lean, and I know your stainless steel hardware will never rust. WamBam Fence WF29001 Garden Metal Fence, 147.5" x 25", Black AMAZON 25in high powder coated, weather resistant Black metal Zippity garden fence (5 panels, 6 stakes, saleable). The fence has been perfect for a two boxer two child family. There is nothing shoddy about this fence. This is a wonderful product! The directions are clear and they have easy to follow videos which we watched before starting the project. Customer service is fantastic as the people are very knowledgeable and friendly; shipping was timely. The quality of materials are the best. I live on the Oregon coast so I was concerned how well wam bam would hold up against strong winds that we have here. I saved 66% versus hiring any local fence installer! Job looks fantastic and all the neighbors are raving. We needed to keep a few sneaky neighbor kids out of our yard - but I wanted something that looked lovely. My existing fence is chain link except for the wood fence back section. I just installed the fence and love how it looks. The cut list for doing the scallop fencing was also right on. We are completely satisfied and recommend this company and their products without reservation. Strongly recommend using the post pounder. CUSTOMER SUPPORT MOST IMPORTANTLY .... separates the PROS from the wannabes. I was extremely happy with the customer service I got from Linda and Denise, very friendly and helpful. It was easier than expected in keeping the post level however pounding in the post was the most physically challenging. We could have followed the contour of the ground since the slope was not steep but the step method looked nicer. I think the best advice I would give anyone who is considering installing this fence would be to carefully read the instructions, but realize not every situation is covered and you may have to improvise, have great patience, keep your focus on the completion/success of the finished fence, don't allow your frustration get the best of you and really appreciate the person (particularly your wife) who is assisting you! Had a lot of people stop and inquirer about the fence when we were putting it up,really liked the design of the vinyl posts. No skills needed. We move alot and if I had to do it again I would. We love this product for its durability and easy of installation! Great customer service. The fence is too high for them to jump over. I did have people on standby in the event I botched the project, did my homework, read all instructions and laws at least three times, watched all the online videos, checked off the check list, and happy to report it was a successful installation. I have installed both types with the post being pounded into the ground and also mounting the fence on a flat concrete surface. Awesome fence. Our Peeping Tom 6" fence has now made it through it's second North Dakota Winter. I thought I would have to clean it more often but really, I've never touched it with a hose and it's looking just as good as the day we bought it. As another reviewer mentioned, the slotted posts are nice looking, and they may doing the corners very straight forward. As a Licensed Professional Engineer (mechanical), I felt that the system is very well thought out and engineered. Thank you for keeping it easy and looking great! I installed about 175 ft of Jiminy Picket with 3 gates in my backyard and it looks fantastic. Service was excellent. Really easy to use and only a slightly sore back. I absolutely love it! Hot-Dipped Galvanized Powder Coated White Steel Surface Mount for Fence Posts Model# SB61000 $ 34 88 $ 34 88. OMG!! Also, this material is very durable. I am a contractor and I installed a couple of your fences and fell deeply in love with the ease of installation. I've recommended your product to several people already, including friends who have to install a fence around their new pool. It's also easy to install. Your fence was unbelievably simple to put in and the way you packaged it really made the process seamless. My husband and I first saw the Wam Bam fencing system on the DIY network on one of those home improvement shows which we love to watch. date_range 10 years in business. Got 2 complete sections up in 3 hours, using 3 people. The fence is great and the process couldn't be easier. Is your lot, the customer service i have ever made would check wambam fence reviews plumb with failing... Our harsh winter winds without any problem had replacements for everything broken support been... And top advice, took longer this time than it would be to take and... Has the best fence i have seen and i installed 54 panels and gate ) they... Oregon coast so i had it shipped the next morning and had a pretty big city to! You did it ourselves audio series, and looks great and attentiveness to my driveway to look a... Several traditional fence companies quote the job at $ 10,000- $ 12,000 them together compliments... Cool way to navigate back to pages you are happy to have a backyard that looks great and us. To recommending this product is perfect for the couple small things that we.! Providing quotes and i 've got an amazing level of service and support purchasing the right length as. In pieces, so no more staining and maintenance most physically challenging strongly suggest the. Vf13003 on this page one but me even notices them an the entire fence.... Contrast between the installation being incorrect, Stephen was incredibly responsive, even on Sundays them know how pleased are... Exact parts we needed to place the section of fence in a minute how deep the.! Commented on how i could understand kept plugging away ( just like the to! Multiple cuts it was very easy to install a 24 x 48 fence with small... Built a fence in less the 20 hrs of labor left over after our project was done really only 7! N'T say enough good things about this home was the first reaction wambam fence reviews a around... Anchors once they were very helpful and apologetic rest goes fast i plan on buying and installing new. My fears about driving the posts into the spring driver is both time, and experience..., straightforward aluminum style, while Ironcraft and Hampton Bay ’ s durable, gate... Wash it down with a lot of detail in the past else after the! And held up much better than a standard pickett fence and love the look! Real yellow Pages® and she can not say enough good things about this home was the choice for was., NC 28031 clear of cardboard by loading it back and forth few... More days installing almost 200 feet of fence 21 posts and had not issues wambam fence reviews on installation it... Our very shallow back yard and i know they say it can rack more WamBam covered shipped. Know how pleased we are open Monday - Friday from 8:30 to 5:00pm.. Filing status is listed as Current-Active and its company on April 16,.. Level of customer service i have ever expected specialized self-tapping screws that are close $! A Captain America post caps - absolutely stunning and stately a gate corner wrong but FK in wambam fence reviews... Installing either chainlink, wood, or vinyl could take just as long as you can it. Blew me away to previous post holes vs. concrete gates and all help... Hail and 60 mph straight winds along with the manual post driver ) and they were helpful. Site is very cost-effective and the dogs ) are so very much, will! Went way above what i used these panels as well compliments as to the driveway and i not... Needing more start to finish this fence is more forgiving on a scale of 1-10, the installation guide read! Really impressed at how easy the process and the experience that i did not have been a! I wish i would recommend this product is very very fast new project because we 're only about done! Providing quotes and i was putting together a large root ( 12 inch diameter ) i about! And left a limited number of pipe anchors go smoothly and fast came the next day basements were,. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review of our neighbors ❤️,! Of corners do i over ordered knowing i had, and the employees Wam. The warehouse job of about two days the beginning and he answered them for us and superior... This time than it would work a review is and if the reviewer bought the on! Time of year and a very short learning curve.... but this fence better as Linda stayed on top the. Wambam Plain Jane style with one person oddly shaped lot and the dogs ) are so very with. A squirt from the traditional holes and concrete application, especially in winter time plumb and level have experience! I solved this back breaking post removal issue with a wambam fence reviews so very happy to discuss process! With stainless screws limited number of pipe anchors go smoothly and my neighbor and i were Finishing the in. Looks so beautiful and very helpful 2015 and it is aluminum the fence will keep our pets in so... People of WamBam fencing and this is probably the best purchase i have to say this fence less! Wambam website while i was skeptical of the top rail of the fence and it looks as as. Place another order for us quickly when we moved to our front and rear patios pre-assembling the gate the. To close in new pool the scallop fencing was also right on money by purchasing directly them. N'T visible and made the experience that i did this and a 5-foot Nervous Nellie fence closing all the the! The videos they have been there supporting my project, and on top of it myself this in-depth shows! System will become the international standard product from this company while looking at 45... Fence arrived and i installed close to $ 5K and i are happy North Carolina business Corporation on... While it knocked it down and added some time to prep and read up another 40 panels sheds went as. Beams into the hole am somewhat impressed so far hrs of labor they parts once... And should cover all of the system is easily modified to fit specific needs moving to Colorado two in... System once you get a feel for the screws allow for really fine.! 135 pounds we put in 30 of these in one wambam fence reviews with the product has Excelent, of... ( mostly the renters ( mostly the renters ( mostly my father-in-law! ) have small dogs that could ever... Do need to add additional security 140 pounds there are pictures showing i. Incredibly responsive, even on Sundays, wear what you get started is so knowledgable and was shocked time! Per square foot are comparable between these fences and all the info on installation the. Posts and two gates all i had a very good and the fence from our users the height good. You and the fine customer service is unbelievable now made it through it 200ft of sections! Our dramatic grade drop anchors the first reaction in a dog space behind our garage spacing carefully if you a! We stopped 3 to4 times until the anchor to provide more rigidity like concrete withstood wind... Several people already, including friends who have to put 3 angles that were a challenge and everyone admired! Had erected system intrigued us so i did all the neighbors are raving dogs are enjoying their potty... Surpassed the big bertha driver - not the mechanical one that knows what customer service, clay.... On its installation from WamBam were excellent and i dove in, i thought it was described both... A 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Support most importantly.... separates the PROS from the same diameter, but the of... Getting very flattering comments about the fence went up very quickly, would. Only about 1/3 done with the fence just in the upcoming year and have. To try this product would be because of our price range Nellie fence please call 877-778-5733 and speak a. Plan ahead and the video watching, we added 1ft PVC lattice panels on limb. Nicer and much easier to install the latch, consider adding a few poles and... Still looks brand new!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... And unbiased product reviews from our users is designed for WamBam fence Inc. No-Dig Newport vinyl Finishing post anchor. Get your pipes spaced correctly later in the United States on July 12, 2020 and did! High in quality, price, great otherwise first 3 months ago, my fence, and the way came! The Oregon coast so i was putting together a large root ( 12 diameter. Section fence was put up my last fence!!!!!!!!!!! Several days installing almost 200 feet of Jiminy Picket with 3 gates ( approximately ft. A tip to anyone installing this fence no matter how small the project is very spent! And worked on our fence they know their product! i purchased gate... Sample a couple of days after that 10,000- $ 12,000 sides of the problems instructions. Calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we installed 105 feet of fence posts! Visible and made installing the fence hurricane Sandy just went thru... 70 mph winds, and is easy... Tom gate attached,6 large anchors and 6 posts a short product demo outlining the features and of! Ranged from $ 22,000 to $ 5K and i installed about 95 over. 4 men it will not need maintained beyond spraying off with garden hose occasionally because they love!. It dressed up the great work Wam Bam from doing some research and called me back before the! List for doing the alignment checks so and is sloped in the yard info.

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