This is where after you undock from a station at a midpoint or highsec exit, enemies undock a bunch of dreads behind you, immediately siege them, then as you bump outside of docking range, they blap you. Edited by: Xtreem on 17/01/2009 07:53:49 the jump freighter is the only jump capable cap ship that can both use gates in empire hi sec and jump! The more the better, you can never have too many cyno alts. JF Rates are usually calculated in isk/m3 plus a percentage of collateral. The main change however, is a large portion of the cargo bay has been taken over by a capital class jump drive, the same type used in carriers, dreadnoughts, motherships and titans. These are also low training multiplier skills, so train them to 5 because they’re short. If they drop point on you even for a second, you cyno out and are safe. I really enjoy hauling. Jump freighters are the latest generation of freighter. It also has a bumpable station model, which if you land inside, you’ll be thrown out to space and probably die in a fire. Caldari. The corvette cyno is the standard for pretty much everyone, since when you light the cyno you’re locked in place for 10 minutes, so this way if you lose it, all you lose is the cyno (assuming you can’t loot it). Whenever you’re warping your JF, you should have a minimum of 1 cyno character undocked with either a cyno already lit, or a cyno able to be lit at a moment’s notice. Lock your freighter and web it. This will open up a new contract, with all the same details automatically filled in. This fatigue timer grows exponentially as you continue to jump, eventually making you have to take super long breaks to let it tick down, otherwise you have crazy long jump cooldowns. NO EXCEPTIONS. Make sure you go to the Table view on Price History and check the Orders and Quantity. Aim for 3-5bil to start. Because the freighters top speed has been cut by 90% you will allmost instantly jump away. You can select systems and then it will automatically pick a route. Unfortunately Jump freighters are too expensive, slow, fragile and problematic to use in hostile situations so the carrier is still the primary means of deep space logistical operations. Jump Drive Economizers come in three types, ranging from 20mil to 300mil apeice. Also an E-Cyno doesn’t have to be different from a midpoint cyno. An active Jump Activation Cooldown preventing is indicated by a red timer: Jump Fatigue accumulates with every jump after the jump activation cooldown has been calculated. The only thing not covered are Outposts (player deployed stations like you find in sov-null). Then the percentage of collateral rewards you for the additional risk of carrying higher value goods. If you’re looking at something and it’s already seeded at under Jita value, you likely can’t make much money on it, if any. First is to find a warpable object roughly in-line with the direction you’re bumping and try to warp off to that at range, and the second is to try to burn back to docking range if you didn’t get thrown far. It also has the lowest EHP, and the smallest cargo hold. You need to get a certain amount of speed before the webs will work, since you need to be going fast enough to warp with your reduced maximum speed after the webs. Because of this, running a JF basically requires having multiple accounts. Personally I fly an Ark. Repeat for every midpoint. This way nobody knows your JF pilot, and if you’re in a hauling corp, you can keep your JF pilot in an NPC corp to avoid wardecs. 341 Pages. : Raven Eleashia You can also do this from the assets tab, so the alt doesn’t need to be in the same station as the contracts they’re accepting. The benefit of this is that you can usually use a higher markup since you’re eliminating some of the hassle for the customer. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Though being hunted in a JF is rare since they’re so safe, so that part isn’t as big of a deal. Jump freighting you can do a quick run in ~20min, then walk away from the computer for the rest of the hour. This doesnt disrupt the system as it is set for combat ships, so that crowd should be happy. You should fit these whenever you’re warping gate-to-gate and carrying cargo that you can fit within the smaller cargo space, the more tanky you are the more difficult it will be to gank you. As far as which JF to get, they all have their advantages and disadvantages. Often you’ll find items that have great margins, but only a few units move every day, or even less. DO NOT WARP WITHOUT AN E-CYNO, EVER. Jump Freighters. You can also see fuel usage. They are based upon their tech one counterparts but with significant enhancements. This is the freighter of choice for pilots that already have a lot of money and want to maximize cargo at the expense of fuel cost. Cyno alts are a fast train, you literally only need Cynosural Field Theory 4, and then they can use corvette cynos. This is a very common question, and one that doesn’t have a definitive answer. If you don’t have an e-cyno, you’re just a tankier slightly faster freighter, and freighters are easily gankable. 5ly is the distance it can cover without skills, use jump planner at this link to sort work out ranges etc. Jump Freighters. They can’t be subcontracted, so when you accept the contract, the only way to deal with it is to direct-trade the package to your JF pilot at the origin and then back at the destination. Avoid any contracts to kickout stations if possible. The main change however, is a large portion of the cargo bay has been taken over by a capital class jump drive, the … We've united our forces and resources to bring EVE-BAZAAR.COM to life, in order to offer the most affordable prices in EVE. Finally, jump freighters are big shiny gank targets in high-sec. The advantage of jumping to stations is the ability to recharge cap quickly. Evasive Maneuvering 5 – If you haven’t flown a freighter before, they are SLOOOOW. This character can just sit in Jita and hold a pool of isk to cover collateral. Only Jump Freighters and Black Ops can use both jump drives and regular gates. Implants aren’t required, but they are a help, so if your JF pilot is pretty much just being a JF pilot, this is a worthy investment.

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