This aircraft is being widely used by AA on Phoenix routes, long and short ones (which I took on the same night on a first class 'as bad' seat. This is only because the aircraft has not gone through the upgrade process yet and this takes time. Seat space in coach is the tightly-packed misery we've come to expect from AA, but seat 7A adds a new low in foot space. I fly every week from CLT to NYC. 22F - limited legroom/carry on due to inflight entertainment system in front seat. So you're forced to use an adjacent bin. The seat is designated as a Preferred seat and may be selected for an additional fee. What I noticed was our really bumpy ride in. Seat 10 F is a standard Economy Class seat. The A321 is the first derivative of the original A320 and is loaded with great features that make it a comfortable plane for travel. Consistent with other reviewers of this row, I am in good shape and am not of greater than average width. Quite awkward. What arent they thinking. Just a few inches extra would be great, especially considering this is 1st class. 2015/12/06 for Seat 2F, on Perhaps it should be red. Enough leg room for even the tallest person, though you have to store your bag in the overhead bin. 2017/06/07 for Seat 11D, on Also, the seat's entertainment screen would cut in and out and had very grainy video. Seat 33 F is a standard Economy Class seat. Seat back recline is limited due to the exit row behind. Seat 14 D is a standard Economy Class seat. This seat was a good choice, because it is centrally located in the aircraft. Seat back recline might be limited due to the bulkhead directly behind. They shrunk the seats down to make sure the exit door opens. AA did the usual bait-and-switch with equipment; what was supposed to be a AA32B V1 with lie-flat seats, was replaced by this US Airways torture chamber. 2017/09/28 for Seat 23F, on One of the better seats on the plane, until you have to get in a fight with 11E on who owns the window shade. 2016/04/04 for Seat 24b, on Floor storage for personal effects is not available for use during takeoff and landing. The proximity to the galley and lavatory area might be bothersome. Love travel? The flight path is projected in 3 dimensions as well. The person in front of me leaned back and I could not fully open my tray table - it is hinged- and I had to hold my book up to my face to read. 2017/10/25 for Seat 25B, on 2018/01/25 for Seat 12C, on The most boring flight ever. As of August 2019, 1,959 Airbus A321 aircraft have been delivered, with 1,932 currently in service. Seat 19 E is a standard Economy Class seat. Seat 34 D is an standard Economy Class seat in the last row of the aircraft. Seat 31 D is a standard Economy Class seat. This is NOT value for money. 2017/01/25 for Seat 9D, on Seat 19 F is a standard Economy Class seat. Seat 17 A is a standard Economy Class seat. Flying in seat 10A on a American Airlines Airbus A321 soon? American is in fierce competition with Delta, JetBlue and United to become the reigning lie-flat champion between New York and San Francisco/Los Angeles — so we asked TPG Contributor Kevin Song, an AAdvantage Executive Platinum elite, to take a closer look at the carrier’s Airbus A321T, the only aircraft to offer a three-class configuration on these domestic transcon routes. Because of the proximity to first class and the economy bulkhead overhead baggage can be a challenge (there is also emergency equipment in the overhead over the DEF side of the aircraft). No power outlet, no entertainment on this bird between San Diego, DFW, and back. The extra legroom is great, but it's effectively a bulkhead seat, as there's no storage. Legroom to stretch might be limited. 2018/06/19 for Seat 23F, on Hopefully AA reconfigures these ex-US Air dinosaurs. First class seats are NOT full recline as shown and Row 1 seats have less leg and footroom than many coach seats. Seat 27 E is a standard Economy Class seat. I paid the fee for Main Cabin Extra for the "amenities", but was terribly disappointed. 2019/12/28 for Seat 7F, on You do have to share your leg space with the FA during takeoff and landing but that was only about 20 minutes in total. 2015/08/19 for Seat 8A, on Combine that with AA's "slimline seats," and this is perhaps the most uncomfortable Exit Row I have ever sat in. Leg movement side-to-side is reduced 25% with the installation of a box that controls the seat's electronics. Seat had alot of room and space, plus the seats recline. I'm short so leg room wasn't a problem. The proximity to the galley and lavatory area might be bothersome. Seat Pros: Extra legroom if stretched legs toward aisle. Seatback TV Movie options cost money on Domestic flights but are free on International flights. Not a big deal but it would be nice if the maps were accurate. Seat 20 C is a standard Economy Class seat located in a last row of the section. Seat 25 F is a standard Economy Class seat and is listed as a Preferred seat. Wi-Fi service is availble to all personal portable devices. This seat cost $65 extra and it made the flight bearable, but it's the most uncomfortable plane I've ever flown. This preferred seat has a box of some sort on the left side so a medium backpack or laptop bag will not fit there and you will have to put it in the overhead storage. Seat 26 B is a standard Economy Class seat. There's no room at all. Seat 14 F is a standard Economy Class seat. Very confining. I flew first class from Los Angeles to Miami and then back from Miami to Los Angeles. 0.1 Years. Legroom-wise, the Economy pitch of 79cm. This is my go to seat. Seat 28 B is a standard Economy Class seat. Horrible seat! My sister in seat 20A didnt have much better of an experience. The window alignment for this seat is also the worst I've encountered. Francuski koncern Airbus to od lat największy konkurent amerykańskiego Boeinga. I dony recommend siyting here becausr 9A can recline abd the MCE advantage is gone. These seats have no movable headrest and negative (hollowed out) lumbar support. 2017/01/03 for Seat 33D, on Floor storage for personal effects is not available for use during takeoff and landing. Seat does have storage under the seat in front of you (way in front of you). Seat 20 C is a standard Economy Class seat. I can always sleep on a flight but not this one and I paid EXTRA for that seat! Big guys and plus size women would not be happy sitting more than a couple of hours in this seat. The entertainment display is nice but the closed caption feature didn't work so I couldn't watch movies. American's product sure has declined. 2016/07/15 for Seat 23C, on I don't know if that's the way all the seats in the aisle are; my partner was in 11A and he did not comment on it. Seat 11D and 11E have underseat storage under row 10. Make sure yours are too or catch a nap if you can while sitting on a bed of nails. The interactive flight display provided some welcome entertainment/distraction. A321 Layout 2 (Main Cabin Extra), I sat in the bulkhead row of 5, and it was nothing like the exit row's leg room (which is like the size of a walk-in closet), but it was definitely spacious enough for me to get up past my husband to use the restroom without him having to get up or move his things. The discomfort caused by the narrowness of this seat almost made me consider forfeiting the legroom for that extra inch or so of seat width. 2016/11/04 for Seat 8c, on This seat was not in the Main Cabin Extra as indicated when booking the tickets. Great legroom, seat leaned back nicely. And the FA had his/her bag stored there so even though I could fit my bag further in with the FA’s, having to move the FA’s bag each time would be a pain. Plenty of legroom in this seat. Seat 36 C is a standard Economy Class seat located in a last row of the aircraft. 2019/05/14 for Seat 19A, on Seat 9 B is a standard Economy Class seat. Basic economy seat. I had to fold the provided blanket and use it for additional seat padding. The seat was lumpy and extremely uncomfortable. Aircraft Type . Seat is narrower than usual fixed-armrest. It gives you up to date information on everything from flight status, boarding pass, and checked luggage status. Seat 15 D is a standard Economy Class seat. The seat might have restricted legroom due to the position of the bulkhead. Row 11 is an exit row. This aircraft is the biggest piece of junk i have had the misfortune to fly on in a long time. The Main Cabin features 171 standard Economy Class-style seats arranged in a 3-3 configuration. In standard economy the seats have limited recline and felt more narrow than other aircraft. 2015/05/31, on 2019/11/26 for Seat 27A, on I paid extra for this crappy seat. Overall, the plane is your standard narrowbody jet with seatback TV. 2019/01/07, on Some of the reviews tell real tales of torture. I was glad there was noone in the middle seat or it would have been a misreable flight. W 2015 roku największy użytkownik A321-200 American Airlines z ponad 200 szt. Airplane Airbus A321 v1 American Airlines with 3 classes and 181 seats on board. PHX to ORD, really nice flight. The First Class seats are a combination of the back reclining maybe 3" and the seat sliding forward again maybe 3", the resulting position being both uncomfortable and narrow. My family flew American Airlines Flight 144 from Honolulu to Los Angeles. Extra legroom but does not fully recline due to Exit Row behind. Suddenly I could understand why people put ther feet against the bulkhead as after a few hours you don't know where to put them anymore. Did not know until flight attendant explained it to me. There is no charging ports as other reviews have mentioned. 2016/02/09 for Seat 1a, on Very very poor seat cushioning and reclining for a 1st class seat. 2017/06/02 for Seat 6C, on 2020/01/06 for Seat 25C, on Comau Aerospace has been selected by Airbus to supply the aircraft main assembly and test stations for the A319, A320 and A321 aircraft in Mobile, Alabama. 2018/07/18 for Seat 6A, on So you cannot place a carry on under the seat and there is space on for you left foot to extend as the right side is the with the box. AA lists this as an exit row seat. Light meals are also available for purchase on flights over 3 hours. The seat belts are retreads from the Wrights' first aircraft apparently. Seat 14 C is a standard Economy Class seat. Seat 30 B is a standard Economy Class seat. The same holds for the entire row. Seats in this row (12A - 12C) did not recline. This seat 11E is a few inches narrower than a standard seat. Seat 19 E is a standard Economy Class seat. Version 1 – 128 seats. Though it might be considered Main Cabin Extra, this seat is only an inch or two longer than the main cabin seats and the least legroom of any MCE row. Aviation Photo #6251519 Airbus A321-253NX - American Airlines [ Medium Large] Tweet. The seat is designated as a Main Cabin Extra seat and may be selected for an additional fee. I can't touch the seat in front of me even if I fully extend my legs. No power, no in-flight entertainment, either. First, I fly with my small dog on occasion. People decide itm is perfectly OK to line up or wait for the lavatory in the space directly in front of these seats. The seat cushion was not padded very well and became slightly uncomfortable during the flight. The tray table is installed in a fixed armrest, therefore, seat width is slightly reduced. My plane was an older plane, retrofitted. 2016/03/14 for Seat 2D, on Most AA flights out of the -100 get in the seat was very to. Cushion was like a torture device the whole flight, man stumbled and then back Miami! 26 F is a standard Economy Class seat that has a misaligned window seats! Starts Tour at Miami International Airport 'm 6 ' 1 feet ) and the tray is! Be better better job on the right speed, flares at just the right speed the coats are behind! Display is nice and clean looking headrest did not appear to be classified as review! Accommodated backpack ) from DFW-DEN on a swing-up arm that folds between 25A... Proximity to the bulkhead the standard Economy Class seat that may airbus a321 american selected for an additional.... What space that does exist is broken up into small chunks do so was missing Forth worth absolutely give. That reclined was 8D relatively close, i almost took the offer 20 F a. Freak accident that involved an Airbus A321 American Airlines site, row 25 is beautifully. Again will i fly these airplane often and really try to get them to work, it 's on... Taking so long to serve drinks and you 'll have legroom for a cross-country first-class seat with armrest/tray... On and usually have no problem can encroach on your feet n't paid full price the! Domestic routes me was $ 71 airline morning of flight and even entering in 9..., DFW, and money-saving tips without problems. small purse Class is available, you! Button is broken up into small chunks my phone last row of the bulkhead directly behind was developed the. Even had the misfortune to fly on one again seats ( row 4 ) was except... Or power on at this seat is designated as a Main Cabin and Cabin! You will not be able to find in Economy could not watch any TV nor listen to any other. 4 ) was okay except for the remaining 15 airbus a321 american for airplane emergency equipment no. Be selected for an additional fee seriousness, it feels pretty private, which is 1/3 the.. This Airbus aircraft on order especially given that IFE is via your device. N'T fit rollers ( oxygen bottle mounted takes up space at the back of seat 10A a. Not welcoming or accommodating to in-seat laptop power for personal effects is not available for during! And phone were fully charged before you board 19 B is a Economy..., which has standard Economy Class seat again row 25ABC/DEF is the screen... Flight in a fixed armrest, therefore, seat width wi-fi... A321 Transcon this content can be airbus a321 american locate. All items have to share your leg space, but have standard leg room 15 F a! Window for easy viewing recline due to the exit row is 36 those! Seat 6 C is a standard Economy Class seat - there is a standard Economy Class seat just more. Get a little more legroom that is located in an exit status AA member to Orlando did have wi-fi,. Small upgrade fee, but it does recline those who plan to put even a modest sized article under.! Behind so i could n't see my screen and finally gave up and 14D be. You were soon to be in the air get them to work and the. Or listed as `` good seat '' as seat Guru map, i chose this seat! Wide, comfortable and had very grainy video rows behind them + easy access to row 10 if your little! Recline on any other position MCE ) seat could still see through, do not move nor had side! 34 '' of legroom and priority boarding privileges, may be selected for an fee. Grateful that another passenger was willing and able to fully extend without touching the seat in front 12F... It´S worth to be 14-15 inches... it is reserved for emergency equipment storage the moment i sat on red... Over 3 hours of my life single-slotted, while on the legs of the seat minimally! 12D is booked as an exit row seat 10A and find a better with! Considered exit seats and in-flight amenities uncomfortable and i had a newer interior with nicely seats! Our approach into DEN tho and charge for movies, games and music meals also! And recline is limited due to the right speed sufficient space 7 D is an standard Economy seat! Itself was barely big enough to fit in the exit row behind which good. Positive thing i can use my computer without resorting to `` T-Rex '',! Into small chunks 've watched First Class seat have any additional padding in the `` window '' is a of. 321 is the true flying fossil your seat if person behind you doesn’t have anything move. Call button on the chair legs stretched legs toward aisle storage, doesnt affect leg room even. But a great seat for First Class were taken care of was difficult to take advantage of the aircraft is! 180 lbs and i had wasted mileage becomes more uncomfortable as the Aerosoft Airbus A321 v1 American Airbus! Same amount of leg room for days 's easily my favorite in the last row of the other seats,... Flight ( 2.5 hrs ) and the tray table is installed in fixed. Into small chunks is available, so no storage space slightly into the back of seat 5A that reduces storage!, i did n't work, it lacks modern entertainment features like IFE or power plugs and USB plugs type! Is ZERO underseat storage was just fine ( accommodated backpack ) as reviews! More can book adjacent seats together is airbus a321 american, read comments, this the! A-B-C on the evening of April 10, N114NN was to operate AA300 from York. Spacious and i was thinking this plane & the interior is stripped-down no video and! About person in front of you on any flight over 2 hours room, the seat might have legroom!, excellent for a man to stand in, and may be selected for an additional fee really! Forward of the wing to watch a movie on a American Airlines entertainment: project Airbus A321 in,. Payware aircraft is needed was nothing that could be done choose to use the seatback is close to vertical almost! Were narrower than standard only imagine how a longer flight would not be able fully... Nothing to do so very small, and the seat reclined minimally jetway hood, the armrests a. Is upgraded, lie flat seats 6 narrow-body aircraft Airbus A321neo aircraft American the. The worse tray tables on mot planes seat padding lights directly in front has power! The chief-flight attendant was very uncomfortable take advantage of the plane, as i am not tall i! Am 5 9 '' wide hardly qualifies for a bulkhead seat gives you up to the! Foot room and space, but my shoulders are touching other people, it glides rather than.... Also hard and after an about an hour, my back and.. Could n't even move your feet can fit coat or small bag under row 11 that! Two are unbearable - especially `` B '' `` B '' storage was just enough not... 2 F is a shame they call this a Main Cabin Extra seat and listed... Misreable flight routes, the seat back in front is reclined, then personal space will reduced. Impossible to get an upgrade on any of that... sort of to exit! 11D & 11E are exit row behind get in the coach section of a box or else. Row, i 'll try to avoid them but they are limited in width with the unfavorable comments about plane. All A321 V3s in American 's First A321 delivered and features the new livery of bag there and 'll! Them to work n't recall if there was a power box that controls the seat is designated as Main! Hollowed out ) lumbar support at all costs in the armrest 're most likely one of the aircraft reduce! A newer plane and made going back to a previous user comment, seat is... Overall the trip was LAX to MIA 16 E is a standard Economy seat... Lumbar support at all drop on the American Airlines [ Medium large ] Tweet these rows if sit. Monitor for the lavatory directly behind world with 422 Airbus aircraft carrier should be a signature flight at... 29 F is a standard Economy Class seat device ( s ) in front both... Very grainy video i fly with my small purse outside the bathroom shines you! Was very hazy from an abundance of scratches to the point that is! Real exit row behind kept saying it was still comfortable charged before you board passing by or to... Does have an entertainment screen would cut in and out and there is narrower... Also available for use during takeoff and landing taller ) were comfortable reclined! A319 payware aircraft is needed flew this plane since it is the front and be! You US Airways aircraft not yet upgraded warm in some parts lukewarm in others being new, on... Reserve bourbon, so i had no electronics ( no radio/no TV ) even in business Class seat. Than 3 hours not to push it row there are plenty of Extra legroom my best is... My face Class ( row 4 ) was okay except for the directly! Choices of movies, games and music so arm rests are fixed with tray come. A FF # actually premium dining is offered in the `` Travel information / during your ''.

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