lago is murdering him. sound to Othello like Cassio is admitting to sleeping with Desdemona. 1. Why is Desi so willing to speak up for Cassio? How does Othello come to think that Iago has kept his vow? Iago will use this to show that Cassio is sneaking around and acting guilty with desdemona. Iago pretends surprise that Othello is angry, and leaves, saying he will find out what's wrong with him. Cassio says that he does not know Roderigo. It also comes back to bite Cassio in the end, since his flirtatious charisma helps convince Othello that Cassio is having sex with Desdemona. A Sucker For Dichotomies. When he talks about Desdemona, we can tell that he sees her as a kind of secular Virgin Mary. Why does Cassio take off so quickly? Iago, thus, insists that Othello not think about the possible adulteries, which of course only causes Othello to think of it more constantly. 200. Who does Cassio originally think stabbed him? 200 (Direction Gesture!) Iago uses his reputation to manipulate Othello and set his plan in motion and complete it. Cassio wants a definite answer to his request, but Desdemona tells him that Othello is out of humor. Iago hems and haws some more, and Othello thinks it's because he's so thoughtful and likes to really weigh his words before he speaks. Turn Around! she thinks Cassio has been unfaithful: How does Bianca’s return with the handkerchief help Iago? Now Othello appears in the dark and identifies Cassio by his voice, saying, "The voice of Cassio: Iago keeps his word" (5.1.28). How does … 7. Why then, I think Cassio’s an honest man. As a result, Cassio’s comments, such as “She is persuaded I will marry her / Out of her own love and flattery, not out of my promise” (4.1.) In the first place they were both military men. Through this, Othello gains what he seems to think is confirmation from Cassio himself about his relationship with Desdemona. When is your birthday? Cassio is described as Othello's "honourable lieutenant," and he is given this rank over Iago. He does this by creating a fight between Roderigo and Cassio. 200 (Direction Gesture!) Just then, Desdemona wakes. 300. He aimed at “practicing upon [Othello’s] peace and quiet / Even to madness” (2.1.). Iago questions Cassio about his assailant, but Cassio can provide no explanation for what has happened. It is _____! Othello, thinking that Cassio is dead, goes to kill Desdemona. Iago stabs Roderigo because he does not want everyone to know that he knows Roderigo because then they could find out that he was involved in trying to kill Cassio. People should be what they appear to be. 300. When Othello hears Cassio cry out after being wounded by Iago, he believes that Iago has kept his vow to kill Cassio. Lodovico and Gratiano hear Cassio's cry for help, but are afraid of what might happen to them in the dark if they go to him. 200 (Direction Gesture!) 300. Right. Why does Iago instigate Roderigo to provoke Cassio to a fight? Then murder 's out of tune, And sweet revenge grows harsh. Turn Around! 150. Othello re-enters, and tells Iago that he now doubts his wife; Othello demands "ocular proof" of Desdemona's dishonesty, so Iago sets about making stories up about Cassio talking in his sleep, and says that Cassio has the handkerchief that Othello gave to Desdemona. By the end of the play, he has realized that Iago is responsible for Desdemona’s death, and he helps Othello understand Iago’s treachery. He tells her that he has seen Cassio with her handkerchief. 300. Enter Othello. (Lines 123 … Stop! OTHELLO Nay, yet there’s more in this. To keep an eye out on the guards so that the party doesn’t get too wild at the end: What, in general, are Iago and Cassio saying about Desdemona at the beginning of act 2 scene 3 : Iago is taunting Cassio trying to get him to admit that he has feelings for Desdemona: Why does Cassio not want to drink? Get an answer for 'Why does Iago think that Emilia has slept with both Othello and Cassio, and where in the play does he voice these suspicions?' Turn Right! Cassio is the kind of guy who likes to put women in one of two categories – virgin or whore. However, unlike Desdemona, Cassio evolves as a character. I prithee speak to me as to thy thinkings, As thou dost ruminate, and give thy worst of thoughts The worst of words. Othello said that Iago is such a loyal friend to Cassio that Iago told about the fight in a way that looked better on Cassio. First, he must make sure that Cassio falls out of good favor with Othello. lago is murdering him. Iago uses his own and the other's reputation to arrange the downfall of Cassio and Othello. Iago claims to resent Cassio because Othello chose Cassio rather than Iago as his lieutenant, in spite of the fact that Cassio has no practical knowledge of battle. Cassio is charged with determining Iago’s punishment, and urges “the time, the place, the torture, oh, enforce it” (5.2.). 3. She calls out to Othello, who answers, and then tells her to pray in preparation for her to death.Terrified, Desdemona begs to know why Othello is going to kill her. Cassio leaves Desdemona in a hurry so Othello won’t see him. Othello does not confront Desdemona but instead puts his trust in Iago. Attendants carry off Cassio and Roderigo’s corpse. Stop. He does this through a series of suggestions and hesitations that entice and implant images into Othello's head that lead him to his own demise. Roderigo calls out for help, and Iago kills him. Nobody suspects that Iago is a deceitful man and would plot to destroy Othello, Desdemona, and Cassio in such a cunning way. Iago convinces Othello that Desdemona and Cassio are having an affair because of the examples he uses as proof such as when cassio ran off as he saw Othello near and how Cassio was talking in his sleep one night and saying "Sweet Desdemona, Let us be wary, let us hide our loves" and he would cry out "O sweet creature!" Iago uses Cassio in his scheme to destroy Othello; Iago insinuates throughout that Cassio is having an affair with Othello's wife, Desdemona. 2. The confusion between Desdemona and Bianca is significant because Bianca’s status as a prostitute means Cassio does not respect her. He only takes into consideration what Iago says and the Jennifer Putnam. Over the course of the play, both are lured into the complex love plot engineered by Iago, one of Shakespeare's best-written villains. Believing that Cassio is dead, Othello praises Iago … Iago makes Cassio talk about Bianca so it looks like Cassio is talking about Desdemona : Why is Bianca angry with Cassio? When is your birthday? As Othello listens in on Iago and Cassio's conversation, Cassio is actually talking about Bianca but Iago leads Othello to believe he is talking about Desdemona. Why does Iago point that out to Othello? However, he does notice Cassio, and Iago points out that he appeared to sneak away while looking guilty. Cassio’s innocence and trust that other people will see his virtue makes him a parallel character to Desdemona. 200 (Direction Gesture!) The ending symbolizes the culmination of the violent forces put in motion by Iago at the start of the play. Why does Othello think Cassio is crying out? More importantly, Iago gives Othello the motive to murder his own innocent wife Desdemona, satisfying Iago's immense appetite for revenge. and find homework help for other Othello … Why does Iago stab Roderigo? What happens when Cassio enters chasing Roderigo? How does iago use that to his own advantage? 8. He doesn't know. Bianca enters and begins to cry out when she sees the wounded Cassio. He doesn't know. 6. It is _____! Stop! 300. The default assumption for both men was that in battle they had to trust each other with their lives. Two of the key characters are Cassio, Othello's loyal captain, and Roderigo, a man who is love with Othello's wife, Desdemona. Lodovico and Gratiano enter the street at the cries for help. What is ironic about "men should be what they see;/ or those that be not, would they might seen none!" It is _____! When is your birthday? Click to see full answer Similarly, why did Othello make Cassio lieutenant? Othello said that Iago is such a loyal friend to Cassio that Iago told about the fight in a way that looked better on Cassio. Desdemona leaves, shell-shocked, and Othello stalks out, muttering "goats and monkeys!" Enter Lodovico and Gratiano. Stop. His anger will fall on the man who began the brawl, and, slipping back into his old habit of relying on his ancient (ensign) rather than seeking out his new lieutenant, Othello calls directly on Iago to tell him who it is. Turn Around! That which poisons Othello’s mind on top of this is the reluctance that Iago shows when talking of Cassio or Desdemona and his thoughts and apparent knowledge, giving the facade he does not want to upset anyone as he is “honest”, and then makes Othello think all the more because there may be something he is not being told that he should be. Exit Othello. 300. 200 (Direction Gesture!) Why does Othello think Cassio is crying out? Iago appears, looking as if he has just gotten out of bed, and goes to Cassio. At the end of the play Othello ends up killing Desdemona, and then himself. When is your birthday? Turn Right! Right. 155. 4. Not Cassio kill'd! OTHELLO. Iago suggests that Roderigo is to blame. Without Iago's honest reputation would never had allowed him smear Cassio and cause the death of Desdemona and ultimately Othello as well. Cassio was kind to Desdemona, and they were friendly with each other. (4.1.265). Enter Bianca. Othello says she can cry crocodile tears (full of falsehood) and he won't care, as she changes faces so easily. I can think of a half dozen reasons (turned out to be seven) why Othello trusted Iago. Othello thinks that Iago kept his vow when he hears Cassio’s voice crying out for help. As Iago is running away from the carnage he has caused, both Roderigo and Cassio are crying out in pain. Othello never actually goes and asks his wife and/or Cassio of their affair. Do you think she goes too far? How does Iago trick Othello into thinking Cassio is gloating and bragging about his affair with Desdemona? What are Othello’s orders to Cassio? Cassio takes off because he's still mad at othello and he is coming. 200 (Direction Gesture!) Why does Iago urge Cassio to drink to Othello? Turn Around! Cassio . Othello is easily persuaded by Iago. Exit Iago. 200. Who does Cassio originally think stabbed him? It is _____! Othello into believing that his wife, Desdemona, is having an affair with Cassio. Iago tricks Othello into thinking that Desdemona is cheating on him with another officer under Othello’s rank, Michael Cassio. Othello then declares he'll head back to Venice, and Cassio shall have his post (leaving out that he will be too dead to fill it).